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Making Pancakes on Saturday Morning

1 min read

Just making some pancakes on Saturday morning.   


Eat Me Pancake

Making Pancakes with Words


Billy Joel in San Francisco

Still have Billy Joel tunes in my head from last weekend in San Francisco.   He says he can't hit the high notes, but believe me he can.   


Join Darren for Drupal Training

1 min read 

I'll be there.   Let me know if you have questions.  


Genius companies use thru hole mounting

Thanks @AxisIPVideo for making my life easier.


128,000 Miles Without a Single Drop of Oil

My electric car just turned 128,000 miles tonight. It's entire life, there has been no gasoline, no oil changes, no tune ups and spark plugs, no air filters, no timing belts or other belts, no mufflers, no power steering fluid, no antifreeze. Everything in the cars drivetrain is original (yes, including the batteries) and it still probably gets 80 miles of range on a fuel that costs so much less than gasoline. Cost of ownership? 2 sets of tires ($1000), 1 set of brakes ($800), 1 charging capacitor ($100), and a few gallons of windshield wiper fluid ($75). Including electricity at about 6 cents a mile (less when San Francisco gives me electricity for free) the total cost of ownership is estimated at 7.5 cents per mile. Compare that to an average of 45 cents per mile for the average gasoline car. Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far that's a savings of $48,000 over the life of the car. I'm still baffled why more people haven't switched to electric. Just saying. ;-)


This is a great travel video blog.


Girl Scout cookies are coming

Coming soon to a hostel and coworking club near you.


How To Theme A Website in Drupal 7 Tutorial (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube

So far this has been a good video will help me figure out Drupal theming.